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The Best Stag Weekend Packages are Here. Don’t Miss the Fun!

Deals are what defines us as social beings.

We are always looking to improve a situation through a deal, and that’s how we make things easier and sweeter in our lives.

You are reading this because you have a stag weekend to plan, correct?

And you’re in over your head, you don’t know what to do, who to invite and where to go. But fear not, because you’re not alone.

You don’t have to organize everything by yourself, because there are things called stag weekend packages, ready to make your life easier and to double the fun you’re about to have with the stag and the rest of your friends.

How is that possible?

Check it out!

What’s your stag destination?

You’re probably aware that there’s a trend called stag weekends abroad.

Basically, there are numerous stag destination that are ready to receive you, the stag and all your best mates, give you the opportunity to try some fun and new activities, everything for only a few hundred pounds.

Why is it so cheap?

Because it’s abroad, where life is cheaper that it is in your homeland. Take Eastern Europe, for instance.

You can go to Budapest or Bucharest, where life is basically 4-5 times cheaper that in the UK, and have the time of your life without going crazy with the budget.

So, keep in mind that stag destinations are something to consider when planning a stunning stag party.

What stag weekend packages are we talking about?

Well, it depends on the company that you are going to book. This packages usually include the flight and the accommodation, plus a sweet mix of fun activities, eventually with a special theme.

Let’s see a couple of these deals and what they involve:

  • Exotic trip to Ayia Napa, Cyprus, with a special stag weekend package that includes a three-starred accommodation, airport transfers, bungee jumping, jet skiing, pub crawling and a nightlife experience
  • Urban experience in Bucharest, Romania, with a special stag weekend package that includes a four-starred accommodation, return airport transfers, bar crawling, karting, paintball and clubbing
  • Pranking feast in Budapest, Hungary, with a three-starred accommodation, roundtrip airport transfers, pub crawling, pranking the stag by getting him arrested (not by a real cop, of course), then going for quads racing, some fine beer tasting and in the end tasting the nightlife the city has to offer

These are just the trailer of the whole stag weekend movie. By the time you get back, you’ll understand why booking a company like Eventhuse was the best decision you could have possibly made as a best man.

Go to for more stag weekend destinations and packages, and choose the best experience for the soon-to-be-married Mr. Stag.

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