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Why Couture Wedding Invitations Win the Day

When the big day is approaching, many emotions and feelings can bubble inside. One of the most revealing, though, is the fear of getting things ‘wrong’. From hiring the wrong caterer to finding out that your entertainment isn’t quite as entertaining as was claimed, weddings can be tough to get right. One thing that is easy to get right, though, is the wedding invitations.

Many people decide to go down the DIY invite route. And it makes sense; in today’s economy, cutting costs where you can tend to be the most likely way to make your wedding affordable in the first place. DIY invitations might have that personal feel, but they tend to be nowhere near as personable as the real thing.

A couture wedding invitation is by far and away the best choice to go with when you want those wedding invitations to be felt and appreciated and blogs like are excellent for finding the best.

Why Going Couture Makes Sense

  • For one, the idea of cost-cutting by going DIY is kind of a myth anyway. On average, a quality couture invitation would cost you, on average, about £5 per invite. Now, that sounds like a lot of money if you reckon you will be bringing an army of people to the wedding – but smaller, more private affairs have nothing like the same problems at hand.
  • Another factor is that the time element has to come into play. When you are trying to set up the wedding that your partner dreams of, it takes time to prepare every little piece of design and strategy. However, if you want to have time to get everything else right do you really have time to make up all of those DIY invitations? We doubt it. Go couture instead.
  • Call us crass, but most people don’t really notice a DIY invitation as they would a couture one. This arrives looking like a Royal invitation; it is far more likely to get picked up and actually opened amongst all the spam and statements that comes through our letterboxes every day. DIY invitations might have heart, but they sometimes lack the eye-catching quality to actually get opened!
  • Now, a major problem that you might suffer from stems from getting the right look. Going DIY is not likely to change that, though; instead, working with a professional designer is far more likely to give you access to the information and assistance that you need to make invitations that stand out.

As ever, you should look to make every part of your wedding experience as personal as possible. Many mistake the idea of a DIY wedding invitation as being far more personable than a couture one. However, this means coming up with the design and theme on your own; is that really what you want to do?

You will be more likely, not less, to create something really general if you do it alone. Couture wedding invites, though? They can be made by professionals to match even the most ambitious and specific of designs and ideas. If you want to make your wedding special, go couture.

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