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Why Hire a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

If you are planning on getting married soon, you should not overlook hiring a photo booth for the fun factor side of any matrimonial ceremony. Planning a wedding can be very hard work. Many couples will hire a wedding planner, who invariably fusses and meticulously plans all the buffet, photographers, wedding band and toasts – but often overlooks the need for there to be a bit of a laugh.

Couples will want a wedding that is full of great memories and happy times. If the ceremony has to be so stolid, why does the rest of the event need to be the same?

In truth, it does not. A photo booth, which can be hired for a very reasonable price, is ideal for weddings as it gives the guests a chance to have a bit of fun and remember the big day for all the right reasons.

The wedding event or reception is usually where the fun starts for your guests. All the serious stuff is out of the way, the vows have been pledged and the dreary organ music is over.

The dance floor is the place where many of the guests will head to for a bit of fun and frolic. But all too often, guests feel uncomfortable going onto the floor. This is especially the case when the dance area is empty, guests haven’t had enough to drink or they feel embarrassed.

Usually, the floor space for the wedding disco is taken up by playful, floor-sliding kids where the adults munch slowly on the buffet and drink. If you hired a photo booth for a wedding, there would be a special fun place to go and something different from the dance floor.

Often, guests are given a wedding pack to go home with: this could include goodies like a slice of the wedding cake, a bag of chocolate peanuts or a sugared almond gift in a fancy little bag.

None of these party gifts are likely to endure in the memory of the wedding guests. However, a funny photo-shoot, taken in a hired photo booth will last long in the memory.

Usually there are props available, such as top hats, monocles, dickie bow ties and plastic guitars. A wedding couple should not be surprised to see some of the guests use their photo booth image as their next Facebook profile picture.

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