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Choosing Music for your Wedding

Whilst it may not seem the biggest consideration, wedding music is actually very influential in having a wonderful day. When choosing music for your wedding, think this way – often it’s the first step in your special day and pivotal throughout. Think about two special moments in particular – entering the ceremony to “Here Comes the Bride”, and that special moment when everybody turns, through to the first dance at the reception.

Wedding Band

Choosing music for your wedding is not only influential, but vitally important even. It sets the tone – informal, traditional, modern, quirky, offbeat etc – and brings everybody together for your special day.

So let’s try and give you some tips on choosing music for your wedding.

Choosing music for your wedding – the ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the big day, and is a perfect opportunity to ‘get off on a good foot’. The moment you hear your entry music you will be overcome with positive emotion, and the right music helps to set that.

Choosing music for your wedding will depend on your venue – e.g. if it’s a church wedding, do you have an organ, a choir or specialist musicians such as pipers?

If you’re getting married in a venue other than a church – e.g. hotel, stately home, sports venue or otherwise – you may have alternative choices to make. Do you go with a DJ and recorded music, or a group/artist/soloist who will perform live?

Perhaps the best advice for choosing music for your wedding is to consider the tone, and if you both of you have any music that holds special emotional value. Do you choose music with more of a religious slant, or maybe something more modern or upbeat? Many weddings these days are a little more conventional than in previous generations, so it’s always good to take advice from the venue, wedding planner/coordinator and minister/official.

Choosing music for your wedding – the reception

When choosing music for your wedding, it may be helpul to consider the reception less formal and more upbeat than the wedding. Although this is not always the case, many brides choose more formal and traditional music for a ceremony, but then revert to either a DJ, wedding singer or band for the reception.

Wedding singers and bands are always a great choice for a more fun, physical and active reception, as they always get everyone dancing and singing. If you’re considering choosing music for your wedding to be from a wedding or performance band, make sure you check websites and videos of previous weddings to get a feel for their performances.

A DJ or disco is still a great choice for choosing music for your wedding, as you can easily suggest songs or a playlist of music to fit your reception. Perhaps you have special songs with memories that you would like playing, or have the DJ take requests from the wedding guests?

As always with weddings, it’s a great idea to consult with the venue and wedding planner/coordinator for suggestions for DJs/discos and wedding performance groups/artists. Also ask family, friends, colleagues for any recommendations of wedding musicians they may know of.