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How to have the Perfect Wedding in Northern Ireland

At some time – even many times – a future bride may think, “how to how have the perfect wedding in Northern Ireland?? After all, it’s her special day, the day she wants to run smoothly and give her special, wonderful memories about for the rest of her life.

Whilst many people say it’s stressful, complicated and costly to plan a wedding, the reality is it’s nothing like that stressful if a few key steps are taken.

Plan your ideal wedding, in detail, starting from the top

Knowing where to start is a major step in how to have the perfect wedding in Northern Ireland. The trick is to work through in a logical order, from the most important ‘high level’ steps down, such as :-

  1. Wedding service location
  2. Date
  3. Dress
  4. Numbers
  5. Reception location
  6. Service providers – photographers, priest/minister/official, DJ, band, transport, entertainers, cake, catering etc.

The next step after this is to budget, by collecting quotes/prices and then adjusting to fit your dreams to your budget. Whilst we all may dream about having doves fly to nestle on the happy couple’s heads, if that costs more than the dress we may need to think again!

One great shortcut how to have the perfect wedding in Northern Ireland

At this point, there is one way that’s often overlooked when planning weddings – and that is use someone that knows other people who can cover the majority of your requirements.

A great example of this could be if you were to contact a highly experienced wedding photographer such as Paul McGlade Photography,

As they will have worked in many venues across Northern Ireland, they may be able to help with recommendations. Most of the major hotels will have weddings photographed, so it’s a safe bet the best photographers know the best hotels, the best wedding car companies etc. through working with them on other weddings.

Don’t stress – it will all be perfect on the day

It’s also possible to over-plan a wedding as it is to under-plan. The key is to prioritise, review regularly during the planning phase, and allow for contingencies.

Sometimes it may seem challenging – e.g. your preferred date may not be available – but step back, think carefully about what’s important and you will make the right decision.

Remember it’s your special day, but you have bridesmaids to help you, so don’t try to do it all yourself. Delegate tasks to friends as well as the bridal party, and take the strain from your shoulders.

Spend some time online researching providers such as cake companies, wedding cars, venue, photographers etc. and be sure to read all terms and conditions, especially regarding deposits and payment terms.

Most of all, relax, have fun and don’t stress – your perfect day will turn out just perfect, because you deserve it too!

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