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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

So, everything’s going great – he/she said yes, you’ve thought about when, so it’s time to think carefully about where. Choosing the perfect wedding venue is far from easy, and certainly not something to rush into, so here’s a few tips to help make your special day perfect.

Wedding Venue

Think about numbers

Perhaps the best way to start choosing the perfect wedding venue is to consider how big your wedding will like be in terms of guests.

Would you prefer small and intimate, such as direct family and a few close friends, or would you rather have as many people as possible attend?

This is important to choosing the perfect wedding venue as it helps to filter possible locations by size. Of course, most wedding venues have different options to suit the size of wedding (e.g. smaller size function rooms)

Ceremony and reception at the same venue?

As society modernises, more options are available for wedding ceremonies and receptions. In some cases, it’s possible to have the ceremony and reception in the same location, which could be a major factor in choosing the perfect wedding venue.

If you are considering a church ceremony and then a reception at another venue, transport and logistics could be a consideration. Whilst it’s more practical to share the venue for both events, many brides still prefer the tradition of a church wedding.

Indoor or outdoor?

With one eye on the wedding photos, outdoor weddings are becoming more popular in choosing the perfect wedding venues these days.

Some wedding venues have dedicated outside areas, or erect beautiful temporary facilities such as marquees. This is worth considering – especially for Summer weddings – as it adds a unique ambience for weddings.

Organisation of the special day

A major positive when choosing the perfect wedding venue is if the venue has a dedicated wedding planner or coordinator. Like it or not, on your special day there are still many things to take care of, and it’s far less stressful if you’ve a dedicated person handling things like catering, musicians, waiters, flowers etc.

Traditional or unique venue?

Whilst there are certain venues that will always be popular and romantic – boutique hotels, stately homes, country estates etc. – when choosing the perfect wedding venue it pays to also think differently.

For example, football clubs, sports venues and other unique and individual locations now offer marriage licences and it could be worth considering to have your special day somewhere completely different than most.


Often overlooked when couples are choosing the perfect wedding venue, practicality may prove to be a major criteria. Whilst we’d all love to travel to those beautiful overseas wedding venues on beaches, spare a thought for the wedding guests.

It could be that wedding guests have to balance budgets and practicalities of travel against attending, and so concessions may need to be made to choose a venue based on location rather than facilities.

Conclusion: when choosing the perfect wedding venue, consider ALL the options

These five considerations are only a handful of factors that may affect your choice of wedding venue. However, there’s often many more, for example all the suppliers you need for your special day, so take time to plan carefully and spend time discussing with venue staff for their advice and experience.