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Choosing the best Wedding Photographer

When you’re planning your special day, be careful to take time to really think about choosing the best wedding photographer. Whilst it’s easy to think the wedding photographer is less important, n this modern day of smartphones, social media etc. the reality is, they’re even more important than ever before.

Wedding Photography

Why? Because they’re the only trusted custodian of memories for your special day. Yes, many people will also be taking photographs, but ask yourself if you can truly trust them?

  • Suppose Aunt Lucie has had one too many gins?
  • Suppose Mick hasn’t quite focussed correctly on that all important moment?
  • Suppose the chief bridesmaid who you took all those selfies with, loses her smartphone before sharing pics with you?

Simply put, don’t trust anyone else with your wedding photographs but a specialist wedding photographer.

Here’s how you can go about choosing the best wedding photographer

Ask for referrals

Ask your friends, family and work colleagues – or any weddings you’ve attended – for a recommendation. Chances are, if you like their wedding photographer, you’re halfway towards choosing the best wedding photographer.

Another option for a referral is to ask the wedding coordinator or planner at the proposed wedding venue. They may use one specific wedding photographer, or be able to offer a few alternatives.

Check online

Yes, the answer to everything is Google, apparently, Search for wedding photographers in your area – or the proposed location of the ceremony and venue.

Additionally. social media is a terrific venue to find wedding photographers, as you have the convenience of being able to instantly check their portfolio at the same time as researching and communicating with them.

Finally, look for specialist wedding sites and forums, as quite often there are testimonials and recommendations of wedding photographers that may suit your needs.

Consider new ideas

These days, it’s not just about a wedding photographer snapping shots of the happy couple. When choosing the best wedding photographer, don’t forget to ask for inspiration.

For example, photo booths are becoming very popular at weddings, where guests can dress up in outfits and fancy dress and give you fun for years looking back at the crazy pics.

Also, wedding tagging services and photo hosting services are popular, whereby guests are given tags/website addresses to upload their own photos of the special day.

Ask any potential wedding photographer if they offer any additional services such as these or video production (e.g. adding music, effects etc.)


Last, but certainly not least, is one consideration that’s often overlooked when choosing the best wedding photographer – personality.

No pun intended, but you need to ensure that you and your guests will ‘click’ with the wedding photographer, as he’s got a difficult job to do on the day.

By picking a pleasant, friendly wedding photographer, it will be far easier coordinating all the many things needed for perfect wedding photographs – e.g. organising and gathering the wedding guests in a particular order.

Also, if the guests gets a little hectic at times (we’ve all seen everyone holding cameras above heads for their own shots, right?) an experienced wedding photographer will politely but firmly take command.